Discover the latest innovations in agriculture

15 Sep 2018
Image Discover the latest innovations in agriculture

This year was marked by the emergence of the agricultural technological innovations. Tractors without driver, intelligent sprayer, automatic milking robot, overview of the most incredible innovations in the field of agriculture.

The long-awaited agricultural innovations

Material innovations

The most awaited agricultural innovations are undoubtedly the milking robots. Already widespread in France, these robots treat cows only when they feel like it, even in the absence of the breeder. The other major innovation concerns the hydrogen battery tractor and the photovoltaic cells. Unheard of, it is equipped with GPS guidance tools and computer data collection that determines the doses of phytosanitary in a precise manner.

Digital agriculture

According to the peasants, it is the digital agriculture that is the most promising of the upheavals to come. Existing for 40 years, it consists of the application of agricultural data acquisition and processing technologies. For this year, innovation in this field is the nitrogen sensor drone. The latter is combined with a tractor equipped with GPS that guides the fertilizer spreader to the place where the soil lacks of nitrogen.

The charts of technological innovations in agriculture

The SIMA Award Gold Medal

The gold medal for agricultural innovation SIMA this year goes to the manufacturer Auvergnat Michelin for its tire 2 in 1 which allows to go from a field use to a road use. Fitted with crampons, this tire helps to limit slippage and to apply a more respectful working mode.

The Silver medals

The silver medal is awarded to Autonomous Magnum for its automatic open-cab tractor. Equipped with an embedded system like the last Mercedes F015, the latter is able to work alone without assistance. It is also fitted with a long-life electric motor that saves fuel up to 40%.

Among the nominees

Among the nominees, there are several even more interesting innovations like Leeb, Horsch's range of adjustable height sprayers. Autonomous, this high-tech agricultural equipment that allows optimal spraying and penetration. Available in Tunisia, the other Horsch innovations made a splash at the agricultural shows in Germany.

Agricultural innovations in Africa

Fight against the caterpillars of ears of millet

Africa is also the scene of several major agricultural innovations. This is for instance the new organic solution against caterpillars of ears of millet. Known under the scientific name of Habrobracon hebetor Say, this smaller wasp smaller than a mosquito paralyzes several adult larvae, including those of the caterpillar.

The Barakuk

Barakuk is a natural protection for onion seeds. It is a powder made from the barakuk plant (Chamaecrista nictitans). As a special feature, it increases germination up to 90%. Discovered in Ghana, this powder will be the subject of intensive production in the years to come.

Tunisia will also become the scene of a major arboreal show. 750 hectares of farmland will be planted with high quality and carefully selected arboreal trees. Produced in the region of Matmata, this project was designed by the Tunisian Tarek Bouchamaoui. According to the press, the man is not at his last achievement. Sources state that Tarek Bouchamaoui is also building a huge 10 MW photovoltaic station in the south-east of the country.