Discover what a sustainable agriculture is!

Image Discover what a sustainable agriculture is!

In response to increasing consumer demand in terms of production volume, some producers are opting for intensive farming at the expense of negative effects. Isn't there any system that allows to have good performance and keeps the environment at the same time?

What is a sustainable agriculture ?

A sustainable agriculture, also known as sustainable or integrated farming, is an approach that takes into account the ecosystem, the environment, health and animals. It consists of mastering and confining as much as possible the use of chemical inputs such as fertilizers in order to reduce their impact on the environment. The referential of the integrated agriculture comprises 103 requirements. We can mention in particular:

The access of human resources to the information and training necessary for a good farm

The establishment of a registration system to trace the operations carried out as well as the products used

The implementation of a solution to maintain the soil and the environment

The implementation of systems to ensure the welfare and animals health

The good management of natural resources such as water The advantages of this type of agriculture

An integrated agriculture is the compromise between intensive agriculture and organic agriculture. Indeed, it aims to have good productivity while limiting practices that harm the health of the soil, animals and consumers. Unlike organic farming which requires an additional cost of about 30% compared to the intensive one, a sustainable agriculture generates only an additional cost of 3% and allows to have a reasonable productivity. A sustainable farming uses therefore a reasonable doses of chemical inputs in order to reduce the negative impacts of these later, such as water pollution, soil erosion, health problems of fauna and flora. Hence, It is an approach that reconciles the productivity and the environment. Since producers have access to information that allows them to manage agriculture well. Thus, this type of process appears as a long-term approach and a solution for the future.

Sustainable agriculture or Organic farming ?

Organic farming aims to reduce the risks associated with the use of chemicals to zero. It prohibits any use of a chemical element that could be harmful to the environment and the human body. Biological farming, however, does not allow to have a high yield and to ensure production meeting the growing needs of consumers. An integrated farming, on the other hand, is a mixture of modern and traditional techniques aiming to have both a good yield and to use chemical inputs appropriately. The use of a small dose of chemical fertilizer during a certain period of the year is not banned. It thus guarantee the quality and quantity of production required by consumers. Moreover, it is also an approach allowing to gradually switch from intensive farming to organic agriculture. Tarek Bouchamaoui, a businessman from Tunisia always seeks to reconcile technology and respect for the environment in his development. Tarek Bouchamaoui is indeed at the origin of the ambitious and innovative projects in the Southeast part of Tunisia, to name only 'exploitation of 750 ha of agricultural land in the region of Matma. (